A. Yes, you can wear them while taking a bath.  However, extended exposure in conditions of high warmth and humidity is not advised

A. Technically speaking, a hot and dry sauna with high temperatures and humidity 

could cause damage to this product and increase the capsule's internal pressure.

Therefore, it is not recommended.

A. Wash it with wet tissue or running water and then dry it.

A. Please be careful when using the white band as there is a risk of color transfer and discoloration. It may be challenging to do so if you are exposed to salty substances, such as during cooking or taking a sea bath, so please avoid leaving it unattended for an extended period of time and wash the product with water, dry it, then put it back on right away.

A. Yes. You can adjust the size with a stopper. For the bracelet, it can range from 16 cm to 22 cm for ladies and 18 cm to 24 cm for men.

For the necklace size, 47 cm for women and 56 cm for men.


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