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Unleash Your Golf Potential

Enhance your game and unlock your full potential on the golf course with Clavis premium magnetic jewelry


Here's How Clavis Is Special

Advanced Power Chip

Our bracelets feature an advanced 'Power Chip' for better muscle pain relief. It's made with neodymium and special materials that emit long-lasting magnetic energy.

Comfy Silicone Band

Our bracelets have a comfy silicone band. It's lightweight, hypoallergenic, and resistant to water and discoloration.

Super Lightweight

Our bracelets are incredibly light, reducing strain on your neck or wrist, perfect for those with joint pain.

Celebrity-Approved Style

Get a unique celebrity style with our bracelets, loved by South Korean celebrities and sports stars. Join the trend and enjoy Clavis Magnetic's exclusive designs.

Clavis Patented Power Chip Technology

The power chips of Clavis Energetic Bracelet and Necklace contain neodymium permanent magnet, one of the rare earth elements, as well as other ingredients that Clavis has carefully selected. These permanent magnets emit semi-permanent magnetic energy. The Energetic Power Chip manufactured with Clavis' technology maximizes the protection of permanent magnets and the relief of muscle pain.

Approved and Certified By

Our magnetic bracelets and necklaces have been approved by KFDA (Korean FDA)

and have multiple patents on their design and efficacy.

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ICTC certified
GMP certification

Clavis is recommended by U.S. Olympic Team Doctor, Dr. Paul Rhyu

"... Through extensive clinical trials and consultations with patients, I have found Clavis to be an effective medical device for these purposes. ..."

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