Effects of Magnets

Magnet's Efficacy

A magnet helps to increase body heat due to changes in blood flow and relieve muscle pain.

The power chip of Clavis Energetic Bracelet and Necklace contains neodymium permanent magnet, one of the rare earth elements that are 'a very rare metal element in nature'. With a permanent magnet, the Clavis
Energetic Bracelet emits semi-permanent magnetic energy. 

It has been verified through a KCI paper that strong pulse field stimulation can cause an increase in body heat by influencing changes in blood flow in peripheral blood vessels.  

In addition, research has proven that the magnetic field is effective in recovering from muscle fatigue and relieving muscle pain.

How We Are Different

Source: Excerpt from Donguibogam

Magnet (磁石) : Its nature is cold [寒], thetaste is spicy [辛], and it is salty [ ] and has no poison. It nourishes the kidneys, strengthens the bones, helps the soul, removes stuffy pain, heals the deaf, and makes the bones more fun. In addition, it heals ongjong, seoru, lumps in the throat, and sore throat. The perfect strength of the magnet is that it pulls a few kilograms of iron out of the bowl, because the energy flows through each other.

Bio Current

Bio current is bioelectricity called microcurrent of the human body. It may seem unfamiliar, but we are all living with electric power within the human body.

The heart also works by using bio current to beat the heart rate, and if there is an abnormality in the heart, an electrocardiogram is performed. Microcurrents also flow in the brain. The heart’s beating is the heartbeat movement by the electrical activity of the heart, and the moment when this electrical flow is cut off is called cardiac arrest. Therefore, managing bio current is the most important thing for health. Clavis Energetic bracelet and necklace made of permanent magnets for medical use have the effect of supplying energy to the body by stabilizing the bio current.

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